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Mothers for peace

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#Mothers4Peace Conference, Casablanca Morocco

#Mothers4Peace Conference, Casablanca Morocco

Never underestimate your efforts and your courage to advance the cause you plead.

I was invited to a conference on peace that I never dreamed of being part of. As a young woman "peace-builder", I seized the opportunity without thinking because we share the same vision.

Besides, It's always worth it to try!

This conference, under the theme #Mothers4Peace, was organized by the NGO Make Mothers Matter in Casablanca, Morocco May 3rd, 2018.

We had the honorable presence of Princess Esmeralda of Belgium, author of the book Women Nobel Peace Prize: “The mother is a school, a motor of peace, she conveys patience and tolerance, but fathers have a very important supporting role, it takes a lot of courage for women to find a solution. Women everywhere are active in the shadows, without resources, without support”.

Dr. Rima Salah, professor in the Yale Child Study Centerwas also part of the event, where she advocated for greater investments to support early childhood development, both as a path to peace at home, in the community and in society at large.

Gary Barker, of the Instituto Promundo, held a skype session and emphasized the importance in promoting to future fathers a co-responsible fatherhood, positive and non-violent. For example, a training for positive paternity with 1,700 fathers and their partners in Rwanda resulted in a 50% reduction in violence against women and a 30% reduction in violence against children.

Why is that? Why do mothers hold this crucial role in building peace?

Mothers have the POWER to instill in their children values of peace and tolerance, as they have the POWER to develop in their children feelings of hatred and intolerance towards others.

Mothers have the ability to change mindsets starting from their homes, which is a very important and often overlooked point: what we suffer from in terms of inequality, violence and extremist behavior can be contributed by the mentalities at home. To support my position, I will share with you a concrete example that is very common in Eastern societies: when mothers give household chores to their daughters and not their sons, how are we supposed to discuss gender equality with these men used to being favored from a young age simply because of their gender?

Thus, we can not deny the DELICATE role mothers play in the realization of just and peaceful societies.

On another hand, the conference called on all decision-makers to recognize mothers as peace agents and to establish a real ground to support their actions. Many historical facts have witnessed mothers' power to bring peace and security to their communities. Unfortunately, they have always worked in the shadows and without real support or recognition.

Now, it's time to put their strength into actions for a better world.

And as a young woman, I can not ignore the importance of investing in young women in peace-building. In the most unstable regions of the world, youth represent the majority, yet youth are still marginalized and too often not taken seriously. And that is why I seize this occasion to thank the organizers of this conference for trusting me and therefore for encouraging stakeholders to give young people a seat at their table. In the same time, I call on my tribe of "young peace-builders" who work around the world, to multiply their efforts so that we can bring peace that we’ve always been looking for.

Together: Children, youth, women, and men can make it happen.

We will!

Make Mothers Matter:

Yale Child Study Center:

Instituto Promundo:

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