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Minimize Child Labour and Poverty


no picture Venkat
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It is a known fact that poverty is one of the reason for child labor, if we need to keep the children in the school we need to bring up them above the poverty level, so that the basic need of the family is served and the education becomes the priority.

Education is the only solution for poverty,We could make this happen as a team, even if we could pay these children a small stipend, it could be good enough.

A small initiative such as social fashion, say a accessory made out of bubblegum or candy, using the art work of child(which they do in their drawing class) could generate fund. more over they are bio degradable so they won't pollute the environment.

After all its the youngsters who define fashion, why not we redefine it for a social cause? even if we wear it for one day a week. It will make a difference in a child's life.

Use radio programs to impart education, even though we have lot of technology, radio is one of the best ways to share message.

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