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Mid-year thoughts

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Life speeds up. We don’t realize time has gone by until we look at the calendar and… it’s June! Half of the year is gone and we ask ourselves: Have we accomplished our goals? Have we taken advantage of our days? Are we going to achieve our 2018 objectives?

Each time I look back, I realize how much I run in my daily life. Between studying, sleeping and making chores sometimes I forget to stop and appreciate the small things we encounter in our way. Suddenly I notice that I’ve stop doing tasks that fulfill my energy and give life a meaning.

For example, I stop writing, I stop reading books and I get stressed about my future. Time runs and it seems that it’s not going to be enough this year.

I think that many can understand how life passes by and we don’t live through life. Our world runs every day faster. We think of today and tomorrow at the same time. We forget what we wanted to achieve when 2018 started.

Nevertheless, we’re young only one time in our lives and we should take advantage of it. There’s a common saying that points out:

When we’re young we have time, energy and no money

When we grow up we have money and energy, but no time

And as we get older we have money and time, but no more energy

Maybe, once in a while (or perhaps once a week) we should stop thinking of our responsibilities. Yes, stop paying attention to the ‘I have to’ and replace it with a ‘I want to, so I’m doing it’.

Let’s take a breath and have a moment to fulfill our heart with joy and energy. Why is it important? Well, it’s called ‘life quality’ and we have the power to take our lives out of school, college or work stress. We have the power for redirecting it to what we really care about and what we proposed ourselves to accomplish this year. Just give it a try. Remember:

We’re young only once… Enjoy it!

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