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Maryam’s Story

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I am a lucky girl to have been born in Rawanduz, a town located in Northern part of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and lovely waterfalls. Apart from these, Rawanduz is best known for its deep ravines – the Kharand – which hug our town from both sides.

I have beautiful memories about the ravines. They teach me a new lesson every day. People usually visit these landscapes and forget about them the minute they leave. But for me, it is difficult to wipe them from my memories.

I have learnt many great lessons from those cliffs. When people tell me that I am a girl and I cannot do something, I look down at the ravines and learn how to become strong and patient. Seasons come and go, however, the ravines remain calm and patient as ever. They won’t be disturbed thunderstorms and rainfalls. I want to be the same. I want to be as strong as those ravines when I hear people calling me weak and vulnerable.

From the Rawanduz ravines I also learned the art of listening, because the ravines are good listeners. They listen quietly to melodies of shepherds whose songs echo from the cliffs. When breezes whistle through trees and bushes, these valleys listen carefully. So anytime life has something nice to say I enjoy paying attention and enjoy it.

The ravines are great storytellers, too. They taught me how to tell stories without using words. Stories of our ancestors who lived here thousands of years ago. Stories of their bravery and heroism. Very silently, these ravines tell me that they have met many kings and queens, nomads and noblemen, villains and heroes. I want to be a silent storyteller too, so that I can tell people stories without forcing them to listen.

Last but not least the ravines are deep and beautiful. I want to be the same – beautiful from the outside and deep from inside. I do not want to be a girl who only cares about her looks. I want to be adventurous and curious and build a future as strong as the one of these ravines.

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