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Make Up + Good Literacy = Amazing Opportunities

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Beauty Class x Literacy Event held by Rotaract Darmo Raya Surabaya, Indonesia

Beauty Class x Literacy Event held by Rotaract Darmo Raya Surabaya, Indonesia

Makeup is everywhere. The mall is filled with various makeup stores. Not to mention all the online stores and social media accounts. But here comes the issue- we don’t know which one to buy and is most suitable for us. There are so many different, yet almost similar products. We have to be selective, but we don’t know how. We need to find an un-biased resource that can show us what's the best product to buy!

I remember one of the earliest memories I was introduced to makeup. I was a kid and my mom showed me make up. I followed the way she applied make up and I listened to her advice on what products to buy. As I grew up, I had a ton of friends who were into the make up world. They’ve tried products where I’ve seen the result, and I’m persuaded to buy them. I trust my friends, not a salesperson. I’ve known them and I know their story. I believe my friends want the best for me.

When I started looking at other products that my friends weren't using they advised, "Check out the reviews by beauty influencers. If most of them say the product is good, then you should try it”. I started to look up their videos and explore their Instagram accounts. It amazes me how social media has become an important source to find out makeup inspiration and advice and how long I can stay to watch those videos.

The combination of makeup and social media has created many new job opportunities, such as a makeup artist, beauty blogger and beauty influencer. It’s not a strange occurrence to find out there are 13-year-old kids becoming really good at makeup and do make up for older people. Nowadays, makeup companies reaches out to those people to use their make up and give an honest opinion about it.

There are limited opportunities to work in beauty consultation. The challenges and competition can be high. So, what makes someone more different and interesting compared to the other? In my opinion, there are 2 aspects.

First, the content. It’s about what you present to the viewers. We have to notice the theme, story, tools, and purpose of the video. You have to make something that really interests people. It has to be “you” and relatable to people.

Second, how would you deliver the information and communicate? It’s very related to literacy which consists of reading, writing, and public speaking. You have to deliver the message efficiently and acceptable to the public. You need to describe and share how you feel about the products. Saying “It’s a good product”, with no reason is not enough. You have to tell why its a good product so that people will better understand. People are expected to follow the steps to do the makeup. If you can’t mention the steps clearly, people will find it hard to follow and won’t watch the video.

As a makeup artist, you have to be able to communicate with your client. It’s important so that you know the goal of the makeup and the client enjoys the process. To conclude, having good content and skill, but poor ability to deliver the information and communicate will hold down your progress.

I believe that when you combine good literacy with your passion and consistency, you can excel in what you like. To make people more aware of this, my organization and I held a Literacy x Beauty class project. It’s nice to enlight people that literacy doesn’t always have to be serious. Literacy is in every aspect of our life. We’ve seen the proof everywhere. It’s up to us to apply it and lift yourself.

In the end... all professions requires good literacy skills. So, don’t be hesitatant to enrich your literacy soul. Trust me, it’s a worthy investment. Good literacy can open your door to reach success.

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