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Make cries of agony into laughs of joy

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Free source: Pexels

Free source: Pexels

Do you hear the cries?

The cries of pain, anger and agony.

The cries the world turns deaf to.

But we will stand it no more.

We will raise our voice.

Enough of this dominance.

We'll fight, till you give us freedom.

Even today, when the world speaks of gender equality and women empowerment, there are thousands of women around the globe who have never heard of freedom.

Never dreamed of it.

Never tasted it.

There are even educated people who believe that women are meant to be dominated, to be used.

Somewhere we are watched by thirsty eyes.

We don't wish to be seen with flirty or thirsty eyes, but with eyes showing respect, honour.

We don't want dominance over men, but we want to walk with them together, into a new world where every individual is heard, respected -where humanity flourishes- and where mothers, daughters and sisters are pillars of strength...

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