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Live Your Dream

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A scene in the television series, Into The Badlands

A scene in the television series, Into The Badlands

Is it okay for you to dream?

Or have your own dream, for that matter?

Are you dreaming what your parents, guardians and the rest of the family tasking you to dream?

Or are you chasing after that “crazy dream” of yours?

For how long have you had this dream?

What drove you to be this way…all dreamy about this crazy idea of yours?

Are you even sure that this is what you want for yourself?

Or, are you second-guessing yourself on it?

Those 8 questions popped up in my mind, just as I was watching Into The Badlands.

There was this scene where Sunny asked the young boy, if this is what he wanted to do, meaning if he wanted to go after the truth behind his pendant…and the boy said yes!

My mind got this flash…of this subject of living your dream and not living other peoples’ dreams!

Many of us have fallen victim to this where we have ourselves moving in other peoples’ shadows.

For days, weeks, months and even years.

Being the agreeable type in word and action, but quite disagreeable in thought.

When X bellows out something…even if you don’t agree with it, in any way, you find yourself nodding your head on the y-axis andgetting on your way to ensure that your nodding corresponds with your actions.

Whether you are afraid of the huge beating that may descend on you for disobedience and staining the name and honour of the family name.

Or the disintegration of the family togetherness because you’ve been told right from childhood that a good child listens and does as they are told

Or the rebuking from your elder siblings…all that is a story from some other day and is left to be seen.

What I’m saying is, that you must be somewhat mad if you ever want to freely go after what you want, and that is your dream.

For nothing good in this world, has ever come out of being completely agreeable.

Look at all the dope things that man has been able to bring into your life today… The iMac, the Mercedes, the skyscrapers, the stadium… Even the rolex.

Hey…I am not creating a rebel here or a militia.

All I’m saying is that, you must get out of your comfort zone.

Grow some thick skin that will be able to perspire and keep out the dust.

Get up from your bed, clean up your eyes and mouth, wipe your face and get moving on your way...

To the top of this world.

Where your life dream is waiting for you to make it your own.

When you get there, let no one or anything distract or stop you from living your dream to the fullest and the best you can!

Just, live your dream.

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