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The time has finally come for me to write my first Voices of Youth blog post ever!

I am not going to lie, I am a bit worried. But at the same time I am more than confident that this experience will teach me not only how to write interesting and captivating blogs in English, but also how to discuss global issues with other young people and, as a result, how to figure out solutions to them.

So, first things first. Let's start with a description of me!

My name is Andrea, I am a 16-year-old high school student and I live in Italy. Of course school and homework take up most of my free time, but this doesn't prevent me from having and pursuing some hobbies! For instance, I really enjoy reading and listening to music. My favorite literary genres are classic and fantasy books, but I also like thrillers and history novels. Books are capable of making people experience emotions and events they have never lived themselves and this helps them to develop a sense of empathy. In my opinion, that is such a unique and priceless gift!

In regard to music, I usually listen to contemporary pop music, but I love classical compositions too. I think that music has such a powerful influence over a person's feelings, for it can make you feel happy and cheerful even when everything seems to be going wrong.

Furthermore, I am fond of cinema as well. I can't help being hypnotized by a movie with an interesting plot, a profound meaning and a well-written script. Cinema is the perfect combination between visual art and written art. Brothers Lumière, congratulations!

One of my character traits is curiosity. I believe that finding out new things that you didn't know anything about is one of the most exciting activities for a human being. It allows you to think, learn, reflect, create links with information you already know and stimulate a creative thinking, which enables you to always be more and more curious! In my opinion one should never stop wondering and asking himself/herself questions, because questions can lead you everywhere. Maybe because of this, I am keen on both literature and science, so I usually define myself a multifaceted person. Physics exercises and a nice, compelling book equally appeal to me!

What else? Am I just a nerdy guy who likes books, music and finding out about new stuff? Of course not!

In fact, I am also passionate about a number of global issues, ranging from education rights to gender equality. I think that people should hold their head up in pride and raise their voice to obtain the rights they deserve. Not by fueling hatred though, but rather by setting up debates and discussions. Therefore I reckon that it is essential for young people to be aware of what is happening in the world, so that they can have their own views on contemporary topics and, by doing so, decide to act in order to change the things they don’t like.

So this is me! Of course you will find out more about me in the blog posts I will write in the coming months.

Now everything seems to be ready. This exciting adventure is about to begin!

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