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Let's change the mode of education


no picture Venkat
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For a long period of time, we have been following a conventional way of educating children, using books. Why can't we change the mode of the education? Why can't we use the radio, for example when something is narrated? We imagine a lot that this imagination varies from person to person. This is the key to face a future crisis. When we imagine, we tend to provide different solutions.

Change the way we educate the children. Introduce fantasies in story telling, instead of narrating stories like Cinderella. Narrate success stories of women, like the Greek god Atlanta, or include fantasy along with reality because we know children learns things quickly when there are fantasies. Most of the time, the child imagines him/herself as the character, so if we narrate a confident, independent fantasy character this forms the base of the child's personality and improves the gender equality as well.

In some places we can introduce video-based teaching, so the video can be reused, and we need not have sophisticated teachers. Visuals help a lot for children. Give an abstract task or story and ask them to complete it in their own way. These are starting points for problem solving and teaching them children how to have empathy. This improves the personality of the child and to love other life forms.

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