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Let Her Breathe

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Image downloaded from google

She was lying near the garbage. Her body was naked. She was crying and shivering with cold. Her sensitive skin couldn't bear the cool midnight wind. She was crying a lot hoping that someone would listen and save her. Unfortunately, nobody listened to her voice. Slowly she stopped crying, she stopped moving her hands and legs, she stopped breathing. Who was 'she'? She was a newly born baby girl who was thrown away by her own family immediately after her birth, just because she was a girl.

Yes, her fault was that she was a girl. How could parents throw away their own child? Doesn't she have the right to see this beautiful world? We say that we live in modern world, but gender discrimination is still prevailing in many parts of the world. Still, many people believe that having a son will make their life fortunate. They want a girl as a mother, as a girlfriend, as a wife, as a daughter-in-law, but not as a daughter, why?

We can find many illiterate people supporting their daughters in every stage of their lives and we can also find many educated people killing their daughters either before or after birth. It's not about being educated only, it's about changing our mind, our thinking.

Time has changed a lot. Females are progressing and they do not depend upon males anymore. But still, many people see having a daughter as a curse, they think that she can't do anything, they abuse her, kill her, dominate her, they think she is weak.

No, she is not weak. She has a beautiful heart, she is very strong, she can fight alone, she can survive alone, she can gain a lot of success. All you need to do is broaden your mind, bring her in this beautiful world, educate her, believe in her, let her breathe, let her fly. After all, she is also a human and she also has the right to live her life.

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