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Learn with interview

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Last month I took a plan to write an essay about children on the street and I surprised for what I got and the real facts in reality. Actually I made an essay with my partner and she really helping for this.

My topic essay is about children on the street and their life, so I search on internet about the whole detail information and I went to library in my school. After that, I realized that I needed more information about it because I'am a curious person so I had a plan to interview with them.

One day, that plan held. It was a midday and such a tired day, took a walk around bus station, railway station, traditional market and market area. I found the total of children is 14 child. I interview with them and asked a lot of question that I wrote first before interview.

They're really open and friendly with me, when I asked about their family, their school and especially their whole life. After all interview, I got a lesson and I learn.

"Life is life, you cant choose, but you can move. Its about your choice, to be high or down."

Everything can happen with this interview, and everything seems unfair when you know what is the real world looks like for unlucky people.

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