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Kill your fears "Be confident"

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Zainab Yinusa
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When I was 15 I began to attribute being quiet and shy as a bad thing; I saw people around me and wanted to do better. Maybe it’s the same for you and maybe not. Although I’m an ambivert, still I had always imagined and yearned to be confident and bold with people about anything.

I wouldn't engage in class discussions; instead I preferred to keep quiet. Even if I was doing well academically, I knew a part of me was missing - the part that always wanted to speak out but wasn't confident to stand out from the crowd. The part that knew what she wanted to say would be beneficial to others but couldn't just find the right words to express them.

Then I knew that if I don’t work on myself at that age I would regret what I’d end up growing into.

Confidence is something that fuels the mind, it is the belief in oneself that yes!! you can, even if the place is crowded yes, your voice can still be heard. Even when you can’t find the right words yes just say it anyway, even if nobody supports you, you have yourself.

Ever since my ideology changed I knew when to keep quiet and when to speak. In fact, talking in public places has been my favourite. No man is an island of knowledge so I asked questions on what I know nothing about and gave my opinion on issues and yes!!! I killed every Damn fear.

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