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Justice: An untold story

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Recently I had an unexpected visit from my uncle that I met a decade ago. Little did I know, he happened to be law graduate. Honestly, I never met a person who was a part of jurisdiction system. As a curious person, a lot of questions popped up in my mind waiting to be asked. I had to strike a conversation with him, but I was nervous to question him. Then the auspicious time came to ask my questions. I gathered my courage to start my talk. I asked him:

"Uncle, did you practice as a lawyer?"

"Yes, Nick, I worked as a junior to one of the well known lawyers" he said.

"How many cases did you attend? Was it civil or criminal case?" As an effort to show off my knowledge, I plastered a smile on my face.

"I worked on four murder cases" he simply stated.

A chill ran through my spine as he said it in his casual tone. I couldn't control myself to ask more questions.

"Uncle, Did you win all the murder trials that you attended?"

"Yes, we won but justice failed"

I couldn't understand the meaning beyond his words. I was left in chaos. I asked him to give a detailed explanation to assert his statement.

"Nick, it was indeed true that we had won the case but the fact is we had taken our stand for the criminal"

Suddenly I thought the reason why he decided to speak for him was that heprobably wasn't a murderer at all.

He started again, "Nick , I know what your thoughts are! It was 100% percent true that he was a murderer, but since there was no evidence and witnesses, he could not be proven guilty"

I asked him," Uncle, how were you sure about the fact that he committed crime?"

"Nick, he confessed to us that he was the murderer. You might wonder why did he agree to the crime he committed? The reason is that the criminals were quite aware that we would not be able to assist them if they didn't specify the details of the crime. In fact, we knew evidence of the murder more than what the police knew!"

I was quite shocked by the statement.

I started " That means in reality, justice was never on your side, but due to circumstantial evidences he was proven innocent. How come? It is not fair not at all fair!" I raised my voice.

"Sometimes human rights are not supported when constitutional law is given more preference. At times, they go hand in hand. This is the very reason why I left the practice more than two decades ago"

With this statement, his visit came to the conclusion.

The shock never left to seize me again. Still it stays in my heart. I wondered where is justice then? I was caught in a dilemma. I'm pretty sure that my readers would be in the same situation.

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