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Job City

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My classmates and I were able to provide employment opportunities to high school students in Cañon City, Colorado. Part of our mission for our UN project was to act locally and bring beneficial change to our community regarding a certain issue; that issue being Economic Stability. Thus, we began working closely with our school’s administration and businesses in Cañon City to help set up and run a job fair at our high school that would provide numerous internships for high school students.

Over the past few years, the job fair held at our high school failed to gain a large turnout of businesses which led to less internships being offered to students. This year, our school had the largest turnout in history, with over 56 businesses participating and over a hundred students pursuing internships with those businesses. All of my group members worked closely and well with our school’s PAICE coordinator, an internship program, to coordinate and run the job fair throughout the school day. It is an understatement to say that it was successful. This led to the majority of students being offered an internship with a business, therefore raising the job security in the area.

We encourage others to participate in the job market as we did to increase economic sustainability, for it is what makes communities successful.

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