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It's This-able!

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It’s This-able!

Talking about 'diff-ability' is something that is quite sensitive in our environment. On the other hand, actually we do not need to feel sorry to show our empathy. What matters is that we treat everybody in the same way, that’s how we appreciate each other.

Take a look at Mr. Djumono. He is one of the candidates to be one of the members in legislative assembly for West Java province. He is also the only person with diff-ability that goes as the candidate, and more impressive, he candidate his own self. He is also probably the only person with diff-ability who bravely candidate himself to legislative assembly in Indonesia.

He successfully fulfills the administratrion requirements, and he gets 5.000 voices for the support. There is no reason for The Election Committee not to let him pass. The Election Committee also said that there is no such a thing like discrimination. Everyone has the same right to get the chance to be one of the legislators.

Mr. Djumono is the example of how the society is now fighting for human rights and also the freedom to express themselves, and get the same chance to also have a role in government. Jakarta’s governor, Joko Widodo, has also put in a program to modify public facilities so that diff-able people will also be able to do their activity comfortably. “It’s not that we are feeling sorry for them. What important is we have to realize that we also live with them, that they also do their daily live activities.”

I hope that this kind of synergy will appear more and more in society, both government and the citizen work together to reach the goal. The government give the facility, and the diff-able people bring their best endeavor to get their dreams. How is it going in your contry? 

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