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Is exploring Mars worth the investment?

no picture Hafeez Raihan
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This photo is collected from google

This photo is collected from google

We choose to colonize Mars. Why? Because we have a fear of that our planet Earth will become uninhabitable real soon. The question is, what would make our planet uninhabitable? Well, an asteroid striking our planet – or we could make our own planet uninhabitable. It is estimated that there’s no possibility that an asteroid will strike us for a million of years from now. It is us destroying our own planet earth by mining the coal, releasing greenhouse gasses, chemicals and war in vulnerable countries.

Meanwhile we’re preparing to make an escape from planet Earth to get to Mars possibly by 2027 wasting billions of money on it. And what will it be like living on planet Mars? Martian air contains 93% Carbon Dioxide, and water mostly in the form of ice in the pole and under the surface. Also, Martian air is highly humid. But the problem is Oxygen to breath and conditions to grow food. Not a big deal. We can make it possible with the help of technology. If we look at the bigger picture here, we would be highly reliant on technology - which can only be afforded by the rich people which is a small portion of our society. Consequently, poor people will perish here on this baleful planet Earth.

So, why don’t we stop polluting our planet Earth and pouring all the money and efforts on the sustainable development of Earth instead of wasting it making home on Mars. This will make our planet more habitable and we humankind and other lives will remain alive and thrive for an eternal period of time.

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