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Invest Your Trash!

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You say garbage can? Sure, a garbage can!

There is a school in South Sulawesi called SMKN 1 Pinarang that opens a method called Garbage Bank. Garbage Bank is a system that actually runs a simple rule like the real bank, where you can get money as you invest your trash in that bank. The trash that can be invested is dry-trash or inorganic trash. The trash that you give will be weighted and you will get the money depends on the weight of your trash. The principal of this school said that this act can be integrated with 5Rs program (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace, and Replant). This program really helps them in keeping their environment clean and reduces the pollution. The principal also said that the client of this Garbage Bank is not only students, but also the teachers in that school.

Then, where will those huge amounts of trash go? SMKN 1 Pinarang will sell the trash to people who can transform it into something useful, like handicrafts. This activity also helps reducing unemployment because it will create job opportunity, and recycling or making handicrafts requires a lot of people. So, besides making the environment clean, Garbage Bank also gives benefits in employment.

Garbage Bank can also be found at Kapuk Muara, Lamongan, and even a big corporation like Shell, according to Kompas newspaper, is now developing Garbage Bank. Garbage Bank becomes popular now and I guess it’s a good thing because it really helps to cure the earth although it starts in small scope, but it sure gives big impact for the environment and social condition.

This can be a stimulus for youth around the world to make other innovations to help solving environment problems, especially trash.

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