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Achmad, Anggita, and Haqqy

Achmad, Anggita, and Haqqy

We are so grateful to God, because there are still three environmental young leaders in Indonesia which dare to help conserve the environment in a sustainable way. They are Achmad Solikhin, Haqqy Rerian Erlangga and Anggita Putri Chaerani.

Achmad Solikhin is a student at the Bogor Agricultural University, majoring from the Forestry Faculty. He is highly passionate about the environment and forestry. Haqqy Rerian Erlangga is a student at the University of Riau, majoring from the Fishery Faculty. He is also actively involved in international platforms of relevant to his interests. The last is Anggita Putri Chaerani, a student at Gadjah Mada University, majoring from the Faculty of Law. She is actually interested to the international law, but it is not an obstacle to her love of the environment.

We have reviewed their active involvements towards the environment in the form of a short interview.

What your role in relation to the environment?

As the active members of UNESCO Youth Peace Ambassador, we have established an environmental networking forum for children and youth. The forum is well known in Indonesia as IGaF – Indonesian Greenaction Forum. We actively campaign for the protection of the environment by executing real actions. For further information kindly open this link : On the other hand, we have collaborated with United Nations agencies such as the UNESCO Office in Jakarta, UNEP TUNZA SEAYEN, and TUNZA Eco-generation on expanding the environmental network.

Why have you established IGaF, and involved children and youth?

We wanted to establish IGaF because of environmental problems in Indonesia. We realized that the environmental degradation should be tackled by an initiative which creates a positive impact for the environment. IGaF has been established to embody sustainable environment and the culture of peace. In accordance with the goal of IGaF, A Green Pathway for Sustainable Environment, the engagement of children and youth are major focuses because they have the potential to be easily persuaded and profoundly convinced to conserve the environment. That is why we want to implement early ecoeducation for them. So far, we have engaged more than 750 children and youth from different provinces of Indonesia.

Why do you prefer to execute eco-projects as environmental solutions?

We still remember that real action is more impactful than to just keep on babbling. So from the above, we are aware that by executing action plans made by us, we can help achieve environmental sustainability. On the other hand, an eco-project will be a bridge to engage a local community so that the role of a local community is to demand environment conservation. We still remember that many successful environmental projects tend to strongly involve local communities.

Looking at the IGaF founders' different backgrounds, what is the greatest challenge in maintaining the platform?

We confront many challenges, especially related to our variety of different backgrounds. Apparently, we all agree about raising environmental awareness among children and youth. To maintain the IGaF platform, we constantly have to discuss with each other occurring problems and their solution. A good and clear communication is the most crucial element to sustain the platform.

What are the next steps for the IGaF?

Our expectation is the sustainability of the eco-project of IGaF. The sustainability of eco-projects could be achieved by continual execution of project. Although it is a small project, we are looking for impact. In addition, the networks of IGaF should be extended by our community internally and externally. The network could be linked with national and international agencies to help us provide financial assistance and support.

The above is a short introduction of three inspiring environmental young leaders from Indonesia. Hopefully, they will inspire you to become …..

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