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Ignorance: Food For The Dogs


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Just to get it down in stone: I am far from going against someone for having different political views to my own. Very far. I respect that people differ and hold opposing views on a spectrum of subjects, politics included. It’s what democracy is all about, at the end of the day. There are points in time, however, when I do look upon another’s choice with sheer disappointment.

This is when a person is supporting a politician that is corrupt- someone involved in dirty deals, scandals and money laundering. A politician involved in ‘businesses’ that support prostitution. A person who ‘earns’ money from exploiting women, women from less economically advanced countries who are promised to come to a country to work as secretaries or cleaners, only to be handed a skimpy dress and brothel room for a workplace.

With corruption in front of your very eyes, how could you still look up to and actually vote for politician's like this?

Many say politicians are just not worth the time and energy, and perhaps they’re right, but the reason why I bother with politics is not because I favour a certain politician or party. I only favour specific parties because I feel that they are not corrupt. I bother with politics because I love my country very dearly. I’m sure many of you out there feel the same about your own countries too.

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