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Humanity- A dream

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Neelam Yadav
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Let's be one!

Let us make a world with no boundaries, no weapons.

A world where only love overflows, peace is prioritised & contentment is appreciated.

A world where humans are actually being humans and not more than that.

A world where people are not judged by their cast, colour, religion but where people of different mindsets come, accept & respect each other with their differences in thoughts.

A world where children are taught more about the power & contentment one gets through peace, inner happiness, love, empathy, humility & kindness.

A world which doesn't know hatred, chaos & wars but only knows being calm, where only serenity overflows & tranquility is adored.

A world where people are accepted with their imperfections and are being loved from the very soul.

A world where everyone follows their hearts and does whatever makes them happy.

‎A world where emotions are more valuable than money, where there's no war among countries, but war against inhumanity.

‎Let us build this world together!

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