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How Volunteerism Changed my Life

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while doing planting activity with children as part of my initiative

while doing planting activity with children as part of my initiative "Hands together for greener home"

It all started when my friend told me about a project called “Voices from Palestine” where youth from Palestine practice English through a series of team activities. I felt it would be a great opportunity to improve my English so I decided to join.

When I attended the first meeting, I felt like I was in my home. It was totally different than anything I ever did. They were a group of youth close to my age, that were very kind, friendly, and supportive. For a moment, I thought they were my family, we became more than friends.

Through my participation I was able to discover more about myself and my potential. For example, I found that I can draw, write, act, and give speeches. I learned how to better understand people and how to communicate with them. Also, I improved my critical and creative thinking skills by solving many problems. In addition, I saw the bigger picture of the world by connecting with other youth from different cultures.

This experience helped me to trust myself more and gave me a wider understanding of the important role I can play to shape the future of my community. It motivated me to contribute more to society by participating in many events and programs in order to move people to live the life they want.

Volunteering has made me believe that there are many beautiful things around us, but we can’t see them because we don’t look for them. That there are many things waiting for our senses to go sharper in order to see it. I believe we are here in this world to make the earth a better place for the next generations to live in. The best way to start is by volunteering because it will help you to discover yourself and the world, and make the change you want to see in the world.

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