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How to make a small difference

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You have all seen those staggering images of enormous landfills and plastic flooded shores with a headline along the lines of "this is how it is and it will only get worse". Following that, you felt hopeless and discouraged because how could you possibly make a difference, significant enough to change that. Ever felt that that? So have I.

Instead of losing faith, we must look forward and ask what difference we can make, with the "little" amount of power we have in ower hands. How can we help? Apart from the widespread fact that packaging is bad for the environment and has to be properly separated, there is one crucial detail that you might have not taken into account when throwing that cardboard box into the paper bin, and that is sticky tape. Removing the sticky tape before throwing the cardboard away is very helpful for the recycling or incinerating process. When burned, the toxic chemicals of the plastics are not released into the air. When collected for recycling, the process becomes faster and easier because the cardboard can instantly be recycled and no manpower has to be spent on manually removing the plastic.

In conclusion, that little extra step of removing the sticky tape can make a big impact. Take that into consideration before using your paper bin the next time.

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