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How do you know you're human?

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Image credits: Igor Morski

Image credits: Igor Morski

In a world that is full of evil as much as good, we find ourselves searching for answers, and going deep inside of us, making sure that we are still good, that we are still human.

So how do you know you are still human?

I listed 17 things:

1-it’s never easy for you to harm others.

2-you’re angry to see the injustice others have to go through.

3-you are full of emotions and some of them might be unwanted.

4-you hate…you love and sometimes you’re in between because you can’t sort out your feelings well.

5-you do mistakes constantly, but you are always always ready to fix them if you can.

6-you’re not always optimistic and that’s okay because you can try to be, and trying is good, trying is enough.

7-you think a lot but you don’t say much.

8-you don’t ask questions that you know it will hurt them.

9-you’re happy…you’re sad.

10-you might not always forgive those who hurt you but you’re definitely someone who can let go, more for your own peace of mind.

11-you don’t belittle or make fun of someone’s hardships.

12-you’re willing to help others as much as you can but also you know when to say ‘No’.

13-your major/studies/family/money/appearance aren’t what define you but your manners certainly do.

14-your good is more than your bad.

15-you are controlled by both your heart and mind.

16-you are full of dreams,

and finally ..

17-you are the beautiful creation of God, not because you’re tall, thin, have blue or black eyes but because you are you, you are everything of your imperfections, and far from what it is called inhuman.

Image credits: Igor Morski

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