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Hey, We need Water!

no picture Kriyana Reddy
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Recently, I went through something that was pretty revelatory. I mean, I never understood why some things in terms of global issue prioritization made it first/ over Education. In my opinion, I always thought and always will think that Education comes first. Then, one of my close family members told me that education would rarely ever benefit anyone if they could not go to school because they were too sick. Upon asking the reasons for whatever illness they had acquired, I realized that they could fall sick just with the lack of food/ clean water. I thought it was such a grand scale of a topic that there wasn't really much anyone could do. You see, the US is so privileged and incredibly wasteful of resources sometimes that we don't think about many of the others out there in the four corners of the world. If you think about it, more than half of our Earth is still in its "developing stages" of society. In saying this, I think the US should stop worrying exclusively about aide programs and start mobilizing its citizens to start using common sense. You don't think that turning off the tap when you brush your teeth will help someone in Africa...but it does! Believe it, it will come true. Another aspect of our absurdity comes from our ridiculous portion sizes. Why eat what is the equivalent of four greasy hamburgers when you could eat a small one on a big plate and feel full. After hearing this, doesn't it seem ironic that we are nation with the highest global obesity rates and yet, we still have a huge portion of our population who is starving/ hungry every day?

Regardless of our somewhat inadequacies, I have something more important to say. After a certain occurrence with not having water for a day (a silly mistake on the account of our neighborhood), I realized that I was, for the most part, an innate, over-the-top, self-indulged entitled girl. I try to be nice with the service projects and the greatness of good deeds but after this, I was flabbergasted. We could afford to stay in a great hotel for the night, get a clean room with food, electricity and all the works. However, I was still unhappy. The idea that I wouldn't be able to stay in my bedroom or use my bathroom for a night was disgruntling. I got up the next morning and felt disgusted with myself. My parents, having grown up in India, were fairly adjusted to any curveball situation like this. They didn't blame me but I blamed myself. It was impossible for me to adjust in five minutes but I was able to turn a new leaf and change my mindset in a few days. Now, I think of all of the children out there in the world who cling to life at the very day-by-day basis that they received it and now, I promise myself never to feel ungrateful again. I will always remember this and take it to the next level of involvement. Just as I pledge to go to these countries of need and help their people one day, I hope the UN will help them increasingly as well. They have the resources, the time and the connections to do so, a great boost on the idea that we should all be doing something to help "our neighbors".

Seriously though, get up, get active and give a helping hand. Water is of the essence, food is of the essence and electricity is of the essence. The reason for the reiteration is beyond just you and me. It is the very force that guides our survival from one day to the next. Life is so precious, if you could give a life in five dollars, wouldn't you?

People are always defined by their actions, much more than their words.

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