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This can be our revolution.

This can be our revolution.


All men are created equal

at least that’s what they tell me

but does the word “man”

include every person in society?

It’s true we’ve come rather far

from the stereotypes we’ve been pinned to

but is universal suffrage

truly the best that we can do?

Better jobs and salary inequity

are things we need to work on

but what about education

is a girl’s hope for that gone?

In a world so contemporary

we should be constantly progressing

but some tell us we aren’t enough

simply because of our biology.

The 1960s was a revolutionary beginning

but we’re still in a beginning revolution

if we don’t continue evolving

we will face a devolution.

Spread the word, preach it every day

single out practices that are discriminatory

and maybe one day “history”

will finally be named “herstory”.

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