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"Her": Part 2

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"Yes?" she replied.

"I'm with your daughter, she apparently fell down while trying to get in to the train so she missed the train. And me and my friends just helped her out. She wanted me to call you cause her battery is dead." I said. "Hmmm..." she replied. "Is she okay now?" She sounded like she was trying to figure out if I was telling the truth instead of actually learning how her daughter is. I was very casual, and surprised/impressed with my acting, I answered: "Yeah, not much has happened, It was just very crowded and she missed the train when she fell." "And who are you?" she asked, "I'm İdil, I just met your daughter (helping her out) and this is my friend's phone... We just wanted to inform you, would you like to talk to your daughter?" I said. "No thanks" she replied. We said goodbyes and hung up. At this point my friend understood what we were up to; but they didn't make a problem, instead they helped us out and stuck with us. Now we were six people adopting the lie as the truth and trying to figure out how to be more convincing. We discussed ripping up her stocking and how to place the band aids(medical students lol); but she said she would fix something up in the bus after the subway.

So we continued to talk. I asked what did she wanted to study ( she was in 10th grade now). "Cinema and television" she said, "I am a language student now in high school". "So you can speak English" I asked and she nodded. E also approved her choice of carrier. She was a tall girl with something unique about her, her green hair, her dark-ish skin, her plain but characterful face...

Then I asked if she had any other relative that she could stay with. She told me that his father's relatives didn't even know that her mother re-married and her mother's relatives were mad at her getting re-married so early. So there wasn't a door that she could turn her face to. She said: "But sometimes I tell my mom that I'll talk to my father's family about her marriage if she is harsh on me." "Good!" I replied, then I realized I was happy about this girl having the option to blackmail her mom.

Then subway came and we got in. I sat next to her and we calmed down a bit. She told me about the village in another city they went for 3 months, with no internet and reception. She told me the story how she climbed a tree, got some reception, called her friend and had her buy bus tickets for her. And she told me how she got to the bus and came back to her grandparents' house in İzmir. She told me how her mother realized she was gone way after she was out of the city limits. She told me about her stepfather's other daughter and his drinking problem.

I didn't know what to say, I was just trying to find some common experience that I could relate to. I thought about it and then I realized: We were both creative souls who were trapped in our misery. So I asked her: "Do you keep a journal?" She said: "No, I'm not a great fan of them."

So I continued:" Well I had the worst summer of my life two years ago. I was feeling so trapped, I thought of the most horrible things; I would lose my mind and do those horrible things if didn't write. Don't think of it as something you should do every day like homework. You don't even have to build a whole thing, just write what's in you."

She seemed a bit more interested: "Do you read them afterwards?" she asked. "Not necessarily," I said "but when I do, some of them turn out to be amazing. And all the suffering you go through, it should give something back to the world. It should at least help you create". She was more convinced to try it now. "And..." I continued "... you can always write them in English "so that they won't understand them!" she said and finished my sentence. "And when they ask, you can just say you are practicing English!" I added. She seemed happier now. I thought she felt like it was worth giving a try.

Our train stopped at our station and we got off. My friends were there with us the whole time peacefully observing. As we came near to the exit, the girl turned to me and happily said:" You are a very good person.", "Oh Honey..." I thought. I wished her good luck and reminded her of my advice. My friend told her that she could contact us through her number. She smiled to us, hugged me and squeezed my checks as a form of goodbye and then disappeared into the crowd, trying to catch her bus. I stayed a while just looking at the direction she left.

My friends smiled at me: "Looks like you gained a little new friend," they said playfully. We exchanged goodbyes and they left too. I just stood there for a few seconds and then I started to walk home thinking about what just happened and how meaningless my worries were. Because at the end, I had a welcoming home.

So I came home, told my mom I loved her, sat down to my computer and instead of the other stuff I had to do, I started writing.

3.11 AM

Here I am now, at the end of my story; but the real question is, where is the girl and what's the end of her story?

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