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Helping children who flee

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Droughts and floods, bombs and wars, violence and mistreatments…this is the reality of millions of children. When they flee, they can aspire to a better future. We can help them through their battle.

When these children go away from poverty and violence, they leave behind everything they know, everything that was reassuring and calming through the storms. Every single child needs help and people who care about them. They need love, help, education, and fun to overcome their difficulties. We need to help them struggling through loneliness.

Who else will help them to release themselves from their dark past, to wake them up from their living nightmare, to adapt to a new culture and to reach their potential, if not us? They have been forever excluded from today’s society, especially from technology. How many poor children are amazed when they see drones? How will they react when they’ll live in a developed country, in a developed society, lost in the middle of cars (driverless cars in a few years) and people glued to their phones?

The refugee crisis underlines, even more, the necessity to take care of these children whose rights are endangered. But even if (which is not the case) their rights are preserved, it isn’t enough. Showing compassion isn’t enough, we need to act, to help them, to stay with them, to talk with them so that their lives begin for good.

We can’t let this issue fix itself because it won’t. The development of countries had not led to an improvement of children’s lives. Thus, they flee and this situation won’t stop – the demography in Africa and the climate change will provoke even more poverty and crises.

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