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Hello, Its me :)

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My Name is Caroline Orao. I am an adventurous, spontaneous girl who loves Jesus, movies, family, friends, dancing salsa, reading novels and taking pictures. I am passionate about marketing and I like to think that I’m funny and that I am a pretty decent human being. I recently completed my undergrad studies at The University of Nairobi where I pursued a Bachelor’s in Commerce, specializing in marketing.

I was named after my aunt; she and my mom were very close but unfortunately I never got to meet her (bless her soul), which makes me feel bad for what I’m going to say next - I do not like being called ‘Caro’. Whenever I introduce myself as ‘Caroline’, people immediately shorten it to ‘Caro’ and it irritates me: funny how I never used to see that as a problem during my childhood. Caroline is a classic name, even though it’s common, it still has some appeal to it. Appeal which is immediately lost when you shorten it to ‘Caro’. Call out the name ‘Caro’ in a crowd and I guarantee you at least five women will respond, hence my irritation. Now ‘Carol’ I can excuse, you can even add an ‘e’ at the end, but ‘Caro’? No. Do not call me Caro.

My friends call me Carrie Belle. That is how I am known on social media and when I joined University the name stuck. I used to think Carrie Belle was my alter ego but she’s not. An alter ego implies a different version of yourself; a divergent personality. But Caroline Orao and Carrie Belle are one and the same. Carrie is short for Caroline and Belle is French for Beautiful. See, same person :) So you can call me Caroline, Carol, Carole, Orao or Carrie Belle.

I am Kenyan. Saying that gives me so much pride (usually). Well, no country is without shortcomings but seeing that this is an introductory post, let’s stick to the positives, shall we? Kenya is a beautiful country located on the eastern side of the African Continent. We boast of a diverse culture with over 40 spoken languages! The official language is English and the national one is Swahili. Kenya is not only your go-to tourist destination but it is also an investment hub. You may also have heard about us from the Olympics and long distance marathons, we dominate those races.

I am so excited to be part of this experience. I have never done anything like it my whole life and I’m ready for the ride!

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