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Hatred is a Call for #OneLove

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The proper way to respond to hate is love.

The proper way to respond to hate is love.

“If you only have love for your own race, then you leave space to discriminate. And to discriminate only generates hate, and when you hate, then you're bound to get irate… Take control of your mind and meditate, let your soul gravitate to the love.” As these words left’s lips, I could feel tears welling up inside my eyes. In the midst of the atrocities that have transpired around the world, the lyrics to The Black Eyed Peas’ hit song Where Is The Love? really resonated with me.

The Manchester and London attacks are a stark reminder of the hatred and prejudice that still remain deeply entrenched in this world. How any person or organisation can take pride in claiming responsibility for such heinous acts is truly beyond me. Is the desire to spread an ideology or bring attention to a cause worth endangering and expropriating innocent lives? Has the entire concept of humanity been obliterated in the blind haste to drive across a message that is inherently occluded with vitriolic contempt? In light of recent events, all of these questions, while profoundly metaphysical, have been running amok in my mind.

Fortunately, the One Love Manchester benefit concert, which raised more than $13 million for the victims of the 22 May attack, brought a flicker of hope against the backdrop of darkness. The concert proved that we are, in fact, still capable of standing together as one united people in the face of attempts that aim to divide us. On stage, singers like Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Pharrell Williams delivered impactful speeches that called for love and resilience. On social media, messages that aimed to spread hope and peace were shared and retweeted.

There’s a dictum which goes, “music is the universal language of mankind”, and the responses that the concert elicited undoubtedly served to exemplify how music can be used as a tool to bring together people from different religious backgrounds, creeds and race. This is the true power of music – it contains the mystical ability to form a distinct melody containing a thousand different harmonies from a million different voices.

While the attacks have cruelly and unjustifiably taken away innocent lives, the way in which we choose to respond to them is also important, as it displays our ability, as the better half of humanity, to stand together in solidarity. We can, and must, practice what we preach, instead of turning the other cheek, to show that we are capable of showing love. Because fear is always a call for strength, dissonance is always a call for unity, and hatred is always a call for love.

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