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Happy Women's Day!

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Today is not the day just to post some women's day related images or sayings on your social network sites. It's a lot more than that.The current iteration of the day is intended to celebrate women's social, economic and political achievements and to call for gender equality.

Gender inequality refers to the idea that men and women are not equal. Part of it arises from the concept of gender roles, which are the ways men and women "should" and "preferably" behave based on gender and appropriated by cultural norms. These have been socially ingrained for a very long time, and as a result have been accepted and in some cases, desired. God forbid if someone would like to think or act otherwise...if a woman dressed or behaved different than her gender role, she wouldn't hear the end of it.

Fortunately these stereotypes are being broken by daring and unstoppable women, but there is still a lot to do. Recently I was at a social gathering and there was a lady claiming that it's a women's fate to do household chores, no matter what she has achieved in her life. That's the view many women can hold for their peers and female progenies.

The other day I heard another woman saying, and I may add a mother of a son, saying "Boys will be boys." I'm sure you've heard that too. " Boys will be boys." "Men will be men." That's the mantra women are often forced to ingrain in their brains. After all it's the "women's duty to protect her virginity, her purity, her pride, her family's pride against all odds". And the odds a woman faces everyday, my god, those odds are something!

There are also people that want change in society, but expect that it'll happen magically some day. I believe they take solace in seeing that women today are in a far better place than they were a century before. For instance, they might say "Women used to suffer a lot before. Now there are so many conveniences for them. You have a day to celebrate for the gender sake! Don't you? " Yes. We do. But that's not enough. That's no equality.

How many cultural rites, gender roles and inequal practices would diminish if they're not imposed by men onto women? So let's see what can we do about that? Should we constantly work and strive to change the attitudes men possess towards women? We can do that. And we do that, we discuss these things with our male friends and relatives (the close ones). But that still isn't the only way to face this inequality problem. You see, as I have mentioned earlier, often women can impose many boundaries on other women and girls. Sometimes that is my mother, your mother and the other mothers. The men aren't the only ones who play a role in gender inequality. So ultimately it's not only men's responsibility to rectify the gender imbalance. Breaking the barrier would need women as well. I personally think and believe that women and men can work together to achieve real gender equality.

Gender equality means having as many opportunities as possible and being able to make our own choices, the choices to do something new, the chance to fail and get up and try again. And doing those things might challenge many deep-rooted cultural rites and stereotypes. So all the ladies out there, please do yourself a favour. Educate yourself, empower yourself. Aspire to be like those women whose achievements we celebrate today. Because that's the true way to celebrate the day. Be the woman who dares. Happy Women's Day. #PressforProgress

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