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Happy International Day of Friendship

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To celebrate International Day of Friendship we asked the Voices of Youth Twitter community to tell us what they've learnt from their friends and what makes their friends so awesome.

Here are some of their responses:

Manuel, Caracas: “They always gonna stand for me no matter what, that's the deal. Int. Day of #Friendship

Chima, Nigeria: “The most important thing I’ve learnt 4m my friends is that the best way to make & keep friends is 2love without expectations.”

Madalyn, Texas: “My best friend is awesome because she pushes me to be a better and kinder person.”

Melarissa, USA: “Criticizing one another is a common thing among my friends & I. It's truly a blessing to learn&grow together #friendship

Devi, Indonesia: “What I've learnt from my friends are completing & helping each other :) #Friendship

Tobi, Boston: “I’ve learned 4rm my friends that 2 progress, there must be co-operation, honesty amidst us and shun jealousy and envy”

Chandrasekhr, Hydrebad: “They are frank and forthright not "because" they're friends. They are frank and forthright despite being my friends.”

Dian: “they can make my day more colorful, together in joy and sorrow #Friendship

Ramona, South Africa: “Because even when I'm at my worst, they're still there for me ☺”

Tania: “They are very important for me. They always make me stronger than before, they are my power when i can't stand :)”

Zaskia: “Life is an awful path to not have a best friend”

Leena, India: “I have learnt 1 beautiful thing from one of my oldest friends - GOOD UNDERSTANDING - & from my parents-HONESTY & FAITHFULNESS”

Ananda: “Because my best friends always beside me, support me when I'm down and we understanding each other. :)”

Nizar: “I’ve learnt from my friends is: your life like Football Make a goal or just waste it >> Day of #Friendship,”

Hyollip: “work hard so you can achieve all of your wishes”


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