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Happiness is also...

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Be happy.

Be happy.

Be happy.

This sentence is not only repeated day after day by the voices in our head but also by the people around us.


What is happy? Are we even happy?

People put so much faith into that little word and use it with so much enthusiasm, yet do they know what it really means?

Do they have the slightest idea? Maybe, I don't know.

What I do know, is what happiness means to me.

Happiness is the feeling you get when you look at the horizon of the sea or into the depth of the galaxies.

Happiness is when you feel this emotion beyond words inside your soul.

Happiness is feeling the sparks in your eyes.

Happiness is being with the people you love and the ones that love you back.

But happiness is also the hope for a world where women are treated rightfully and perceived as equals.

Happiness is also the hope for a society where racial discrimination is rejected and instead cultural diversity is proclaimed.

Happiness is also the hope for a time where poverty, hunger, thirst and illness won't be major issues anymore.

Happiness is also desire to acquire knowledge, to receive education regardless of your culture, skin color, beliefs or home.

Happiness is also the dream of a world where our governments wouldn't focus as much on war as they would on us. Their Nation. Their people.

Happiness is also the thought for a better future.

Aren't we all humans? Fortunately also I am. Fortunately we all are and as long as we breathe, as long as blood is pumped through the very veins of our fragile body, we feel.

Yet believe me when I say, sometimes we all need proof. Proof that there's something more behind the complex words of society.

We strive for actions.

We strive for happiness.

- Alejandra, 17

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