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Greetings from Brazil

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A bit about myself

A bit about myself

Hello everyone! I’m Andrew, nice to meet you!

Before I start posting on VOY, I’d like to introduce myself, tell everyone why I write and how I want to contribute to the VOY community over the next few months.

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. During highschool I had a reputation for being a dedicated yet unsuccessful student. It was only when I received a call from the hospital, giving me the bad news about my grandpa, that I realized how vague and meaningless my life had been. While I did not know who I wanted to become in the future, I knew that making the world a better place was a must.

Just a few months later, I entered my last year of highschool and the same guy who was once a student struggling to make it through every year became one of the best students in the entire school. Following my desire for a better world, I chose Environmental Engineering and was accepted at São Paulo State University (unlike many other countries, Brazil’s best universities are public). As a result, I left my parents’ home to live alone, 200km away, leaving the only comfort I had ever known.

Over the years, I indulged in many different activities, from boxing to volunteering, which nourished my ideals and taught me how to manage myself as well as organizations.

It always amazed me how many of the issues that I had studied and experienced throughout my life were only feets away from the campus (sometimes, even less). As a volunteer for a scholarship selection process, I saw many people who had to struggle to keep studying - even though the courses are free, many people need financial aid. Many students had mental health issues (myself included) but nobody ever talked about it. The matter got even worse when social inequality, the LGBT movement and gender equality were added into the mix.

I decided to do something about it and, together with a friend, we founded a student NGO dedicated to engaging students in social impact.

Currently, I’m 22 and finishing my Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering.

I have plans for writing about themes such as poverty and education, youth as changemakers, social impact and change, gender equality, the LGBT movement and mental health (probably even more - I’m also open to suggestions!).

I hope to engage the youth into making the world a better place, expose the issues that I see and how they could be solved, as well as disseminate great examples that could serve for other countries in similar situations.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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