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Girl power

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Hi, my name is Iskara Hadijah Aqila Nasywa Rastramata Athorhab. Woah, maybe that is one of the longest names that you ever heard. Well okay, you can call me Rara. I'm 16 and I go to school in Bangkalan. Where is it? Yeah, I'm from Indonesia and Bangkalan is one of the cities there.

So guys, I just want to tell you what I heard a few days ago from one of my friends who is a girl older than me. She told me "Honestly, I don't want to go to school. It's better if you spend your time with your boyfriend at a cafe or anywhere than getting some lesson. You know we as girls, especially for beautiful girls, don't need to be smart. You should just be a beautiful girl looking for a rich man so you can live happily in the future".

Oh god, heck no. Yeah, that was the craziest advice I have ever heard.

Hey guys, listen to me. We should try to be smart people. We don't need to be the best, but we should try to be educated. My mama said that "Girls don't need to be beautiful. Being smart is more happier than beautiful". Yeah, I wonder why some girls think that they can survive this life easily. Our life is hard don't you know? If you want to live happily in the future I believe you should start getting ready right now. Woman should be smart, have integrity and, most importantly, have the same rights as everyone.

So girls, don't just be a member of society, be a leader.

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