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For Lips to Have modest Curve

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Soul of mine does wail sometimes

Pondering the exuberant childhood

Being deprived to a lot cradles

I want to interrogate

Not just the faction

But all denizens of the world

Who perpetuate the preying on lads

Today the world’s affable to me

But ain’t to those in distress

As per desire I fill my belly

But now though I’m not full

I don’t want to ingest

As many remain ravenous

And craving to devour

Still numerous survive

Sans clothe and sans shield

Still remain many youngsters

Blemished in those hovels

I may be lucky to have a haven

But how can I delight?

When I hear a lot of lament

When I stepped into the world of knowledge

I haven’t cared that much

But now when I look back

I do care a lot

About those tots

Unable to even clasp

A book or a pen

There are yet millions

Ignorant of the alphabet

Still are there innumerable masses

Haven’t strode towards a school

I feel hapless to realise

So many kids firing guns

Before exposed to pleasure of reading

What use is learning math?

When all values go wrong

What use is learning science?

When principles fail even to rally

What use are social studies?

When I can’t even change my society

The world must learn love, care and affection

Today I’m deprived of sleep

Knowing the paucity of amenities

But as my mind permits me

And constantly keep me awake

I am constrained deep in thoughts

About how sinless striplings

Are tormented around the world

I do feel abashed

When I discern that

Even nascents of the world

Are being coerced as prostitutes

Where do morals go enshroud?

Where do superpowers stow away?

When feminity is being abused

Though the world is flourishing

Each day their count do rise

Of ones transformed as refugees

As a sequel of bloodshed

Nations wide may accept or not

But still they are hostile

Why does the world comport like nemesis?

The sun does seem too hot for me

And winds do blow too strong for me

I do feel to call out loud

Screech, squeal, shriek or squall

Oh! God please give me power

So that my words could boom in each corner

Let lips have modest curve and world engulf in love and peace

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