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Finding Yourself through Quotes

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"The day that passes by without you knowing and discovering something new in yourself, is a day that you didn’t live, and a part of your life has been lost forever."

So someone retweeted this on my Twitter TL, and I translated it into English. The first time you read it you go like 'wow this is very smart and very true', but if you think about it more carefully you’ll find that it is actually stupid. Utter rubbish.

The person who came up with this claims that you lose a part of your life forever just because you didn’t discover a thing about yourself. I mean don’t get me wrong, it is totally cool and super amazing if you can discover things about yourself, but then who can do that every day? it’s unrealistic!

I read many quotes online and some of them, which are similar to this one, can put so much pressure on people, and that’s because we tend to overthink, especially the things that are not going well in our lives.

It starts like this:

You’re not doing enough.

You’re way behind others.

Then you realize that you’re having a crisis in your life at the moment, so you go like:

You need to hurry and discover your purpose in life.

You must find yourself ASAP or else you are wasting your time and your life.

What on earth are you still doing with your life sipping your coffee and eating that slice of pizza?

You’re done for, that’s it!

Very depressing isn’t it? Please don’t read things without taking the time to think about them, quotes are supposed to lift us up, to motivate us, not the other way around! It’s fine to have a day or even more not knowing things about yourself, not progressing in life, it’s completely normal. Try as best as you can, failure will happen, but that doesn’t mean that you have wasted a part of your life forever. God No!

Just living and trying each day is great, keep up the good work and good things will come to you, you will be by your own side pushing yourself forward.

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