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Filthy Clean

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Dumping waste in our environment is an issue that is often neglected. It seems like large parts of our population lack the integrity and respect that it takes to keep our Earth from being contaminated.

In America alone, we produce hundreds of millions of tons of waste and non-recycled matter. This creates hazardous areas and processes in order to get rid of the waste. Many products that get thrown away or not recycled, aren’t always broken and can be reused. In fact, the amount of re-useable items is endless and could benefit the world in so many ways.

“Filthy Clean” became a project that purely supported the act and concept of “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” within the areas of Canon City, Colorado. Within our high school, we have a program that involves students who spend a class period disassembling and sorting parts of donated TV’s, computers, monitors, gaming systems, and other electronic equipment, in order to recycle them. After spending a class block participating with the program, we had completely disassembled two computer monitors and a DVD player, as well as sorting each component that was extracted from the devices. Any type of electronics that entered the recycling room got reused and found a new purpose.

Overall, “Filthy Clean” became a very interesting project that highly influenced the consideration and care we need to give to the environment of Canon City.

Joseph & Isaiah
May 15 2018

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