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Fight For Children's Rights

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Jacqueline Mirabueno
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Children are the most vulnerable people in the world. They’re given much attention, but this isn’t enough to help them. We need to help fortify children’s rights because they deserve to be protected from war and violence, human trafficking, and because they deserve to receive education.

Children should be protected from war and violence. Many innocent children are victims of it and some of them might not know what peace is, because they only know pain and terror. In the recent war in Syria, 7000 children have been verified as killed or maimed, and those unverified were way beyond 20,000 children. Out of the 6.5 million people displaced in Syria in 2014, 3 million were children. These children were supposed to play outside with their friends, without the fear of getting killed. At a young age, how would they find the beauty of living if they’ve only experienced the worst? How would they even start to dream if they only see the end? These children deserve to build the future from their minds into reality. But to do that, we should help them have an environment which is free from war and violence.

Children should be protected from human trafficking. They are more innocent than adults, and this make them the common victims of human trafficking, kidnap for ransom, and many other crimes. It was said that 2 million children are victims of sex trafficking, while 215 million children are engaged in forced labor. Imagine a 5-year-old kid sold for commercial sex. They are supposed to be playing with their toys, not being played like toys. How can they be safe if the adults who should be protecting them are the ones harming them?

Children need education. While we complain about all the things we have in school, these children may be desperate to hear a single nursery rhyme or song. The education of more than 64,000 children in the Kasai region of DR Congo is at risk because of poverty and violence. In Iraq, approximately 5,300 damaged schools are not used for education but for shelter or military purposes. An estimate of 2 million children are deprived of education because of violence, which causes disruption in academic school years. These children deserve to have education so that they can learn the fundamentals that will eventually help them shape their potential. Through education, they could avoid experiencing poverty in the future, unemployment rates would decrease, and it will help their countries grow economically.

Many organizations are fighting for children’s rights. But this is not enough if we all wouldn’t support them. We should all help and support the fight for children’s rights. This is a serious matter and if we all help the children, there will be a better change in their lives and for the future.

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