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Eyes of Green

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Free source: DevianArt

Free source: DevianArt

You are watched. When you look at me,
The reflection of your eyes looks back.
I can see your shirt and the part in your hair;
The loose, but clean nonchalant purpose,
Your glinting metal zippers and hidden pimples,
I see your disguised skin, your covered scars.
I watch you wash away your distinct features
And I smile.

I love your fear of being seen,
I see your too-short legs and too-long neck.
Your fat is visible to me, I pinch your skin with my gaze,
Fear of yourself, so sour sweet in my mouth,
You’re so tough between my mind’s teeth.
Futile push-ups and thickened jeans are my joy,
I love your discomfort in your own skin.

You are watched,
When you look at me you see my pale skin,
My unshaven legs, my cut-less wild hair,
I laugh at you with my too husky voice, gruesome teeth.
You are revolted by my sunken eyes and wrong nose.
So funny: your pupils dilate with fear,
Mine widen to dark calm pools, showing you to yourself.
You know my face.
I am Envy.

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