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Every Child A Diamond.

no picture Cynthiia Joseph
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Diamonds. :)

Diamonds. :)

It is just a sad surprise to see so many children abandoned, abused, made slaves and the list just goes on and on. It pains not only me but so many other people to see innocent young ones treated in such a manner. They have the right to be LOVED, FED, GIVEN A SHELTER and EDUCATED. Just think about it. What would the world be like in the future if the future leaders are treated in such "animal" like manners? What chaos will ruin the world?

Imagine what each child can contribute to the betterment of the world, given their talents and skills. Even they have dreams and hopes of making the world a better place. They have the burning passion in them. And they can do it. So, why is there the need to abuse them? To just leave them to corrode in loneliness, to leave their needs unattended? Give them all the love and care you can because they are going to inherit and rule this world and most likely make it a better place for your children and grandchildren. So, the next time you see a child all alone with a frown on his face, be right beside him, cheer him up, show him love. Show him that you care.

I am writing all of this because every child is a diamond.

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