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Free source: Photo by Leo Cardelli from Pexels

Free source: Photo by Leo Cardelli from Pexels

There is a dark empty space in this city, in the heart of the people who dwell in its street.

Hollow, bold and powerful, that shadows the courage which sets us free.

We fill it with drink and smoke, we fill it with sorrows and jokes, we fill it with diamond and gold, we fill it with body and soul.

For what stands in that emptiness is our virtues which we abandoned, to flock and dance to the beats of this empty world.

The photos of your childhood that rust in the corner of your empty mind, that sweet melody of wind blowing the chime.

That old friend which you left in order to be among the hollow souls of this empty world.

The forgotten words, promises and rhymes.

Take a moment and think what you left, how you have changed and was that change worth it.

Where is your happiness and your peace, cause I see you as empty as you used to be.

You wanted to be alongside the world, that world which was and will be as empty as you seem.

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