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Empower Girls Enrich Communities

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Girls during discussion at camp

Girls during discussion at camp

11 October is referred to as International day for the girl. It is on this day that emphasis should be on empowerment of the girl child. This day is very important to raise awareness on the importance of the developing girl because girls grow up into women. Girls are actually the backbone of societies and countries, hence the saying "give a house to a woman and she will turn it into a home".

I believe empowerment for girls means providing access to and facilitating the means of addressing issues that could impede growth and development of girls, be it in education, health and society. This is likely to be achieved through creating awareness for girls to discover and identify what is meaningful and important in their lives - such as assisting them to visualize what they want their future to look like and steps and directions to get to where they want to be; helping transform their limiting thoughts and beliefs that inevitably arise throughout their life journey as well as supporting them to sustain their new beliefs and actions so as to see results.

By doing this, we can help them to gain focus, to tackle life's challenges, work towards achieving their goals, make informed decisions, prevent and protect themselves from abuse and have confidence and clarity on what they want to achieve career-wise. I believe this can be achieved through provision of confidence building and leadership training workshops and camps where girls are equipped with life skills through participating in discussions and forums and also by providing access to their basic needs so as these reduces their vulnerability to exploitations. This will boost their self-esteem and turn them into happy and productive citizens who are likely to become assets to their communities and their countries.

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