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Embracing Beauty

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Ishika Agrawal
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I have always been taught that everyone is beautiful because there is something good in everyone, and that beauty only comes from the inside. Despite the fact that so many people in our world preach that beauty comes from the inside and not the outside, every culture has defined its own standards by which beauty is measured, distinctly based on what a person looks, and in many cases, expects its people to follow these standards.

A few days ago, while I was looking at some Instagram posts, I came across a quiz to measure how beautiful you are. Curious, I submitted my picture to the quiz and followed all of the instructions as it took measurements of the distances between my features, and was completely bewildered by my results: 46%, you are ugly. Since I am confident in the way I look and embrace my own beauty, I was not affected by the results the quiz gave me, but not everyone is like me. Where I come from, there are so many people I know who feel as if they aren’t :good enough” and already feel pressured by the many expectations their families and friends have of them. Such criticism, especially from a quiz, will put them down even more, make them feel worse about themselves when they already have such a low self-esteem. Instead of being just a fun quiz, this can turn into another hurdle that people have to face.

There are already so many standards of beauty that people feel forced to follow, standards that people are so afraid that they do not meet. Girls especially, are already afraid of not having the right weight, or the perfect figure, or the right style of clothing. It’s a disappointment to think that instead of trying to help people become more confident and less self-conscious about the way they look, society indirectly encourages these standards. Instead of recognizing that true beauty comes from the inside, society encourages people to criticize and put others down in the name of “beauty.” We should always remember that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. We have to learn to embrace and discover the beauty in others and ourselves, not standardize it.

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