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Education in Tribal Communities?


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Baduy tribe

Baduy tribe

Indonesia is one of the most populated countries besides that of China, the USA, and India. A big problem challenging the government of Indonesia, notably the Ministry of Education and Culture, is the equality of education. We also must look at the quality and access.

Most of the above problems continue to persist in many tribal communities. The challenge occurs because of some geographical and cultural factors. Geographically, thousands of islands consist of remote areas housed by tribal communities which acts as a barrier to Indonesian Government to spread out the facility and accessibility for education.

Not only is there a geographical factor, but there is also a cultural factor as to why the problem ensues. A primitive tribe lived around the metropolis area which is known as the Badui tribe. The tribe harbors a perspective towards the development of technology and education. They believe that the intervention of these things is odd enough because it will change the local culture and the nature. So the perception will directly obstruct the balance of education although it is needed. Another opinion is the high fee to study for them. The fee directly encourages them to ban their children to take part in education.

Most of the tribal community in Indonesia has the lowest education because of limited access to education brought about by the above factors. Yet, the government of Indonesia attempts to attain an educational program for these communities by providing supporting ways. These pathways include scholarship, voluntary teachers, school facilities, and so forth. However, these ways are not enough to equalize knowledge and experiences of students who live in both city and rural areas.

Some of the private sectors also compete to establish an educational program - based institution. They have voluntarily begun to send and place some of the sophisticated young teachers to educate the targeted tribal communities. Perhaps this strategy is imperative and helpful to tackle the limited access of education for tribe community.

The balanced access for education and the quality of education will be achieved. I am a representative for tribal communities, and in need of your assistance. You are well educated, and we want to be… so what will be your role on education for us all?

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