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Echanted Arts Festival

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Chateau de Dampierre-sur-Boutonne

Chateau de Dampierre-sur-Boutonne

We think more; we feel less. With the new communication era, we have left our feelings in the past and lost ourselves with the flow of thinking. We talk too much, but we say nothing. Look at many things, but never see. That is why we need activities that gather us together in the middle of heart and soul. Feeling each other touches. Looking into our world through someone else's music, palette or moves. Get to know how cultures differ and merge in nature. Combining several generations in one field to channel passion and reason. Just for a better world. That is why, we want more bonding activities, the music we can listen to heads on someone else shoulder, colors we can paint on the same canvas. We need family-friendly festivals. Not leaving our kids in their room to play video games while we work but enjoying the crispy air together.

That is why, Enchanted Arts Festival taking place in Paris, aims to focus on social issues, art, music, meditation, bonding with nature while you are together with your family. While carrying cultural values inside, it achieves entertaining the participants as they have high-quality time. To make a change, spending a weekend would be a significant and easy step to take. It is also wallet friendly.

Not because I am a part of this festival having great aims, but also believing in this kind of bonding activities spirit. I want to remember togetherness again. We want to remind the harmony.

To be a part of this exciting activity:

Meet you under the stars!

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