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E-learning can help save the environment

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The United Nations recently published their global goals, and one of the main problems faced was climate change. The world was shocked when Chennai, Tamilnadu was effected by the worst flood in history! All because we did not care anymore for our only home, mother earth.

She has a unique way to show her distress by turning into a serial killer. We cannot blame mother earth since we have been unfair and now we are being punished for our actions.

Well, first of all you might be wondering, what does e-learning have to do with the environment? Here's the point: papers! Education is where we use the most papers. Example: making notebooks. We might think it's not important but remember thousands of trees are being cut down every day so that you can write in a book.

Since technology is growing very fast, e-learning has caught the headlines. The idea of learning from a computer screen was not practical 50 years ago but now it is. So people can be more open-minded about this matter. Back to papers, e-learning means keeping your notes and doing your homework online that can reduce the amount of paper usage. More trees are saved and the idea doesn't interrupt our normal learning process since e-learning is more preferred by students and teachers.

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