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'Dull' Is Just a Word!

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Fredrick Chilongo
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Albert Einstein once said, “Everyone is a Genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to fly, it will think it is stupid for the rest of its life”.

So, what is the lesson behind this saying? Well, what we need to understand is that as humans we are all gifted with distinct abilities and talents. This means that I may not be a good pianist but I may be a good soccer player, or even a good writer. So if I cannot play a piano it does not necessarily mean that I am dull or that I am not gifted in any way, because there must something I can do that others cannot do.

I firmly believe that there is brilliance in each one of us regardless of our skin color ethnic background, or race. So why do we hear people calling others “dull”?

To answer this question let us consider this illustration. You and I may be students in the same class having the same teacher and obviously learning the same things but we may differ in how fast we grasp information. You may be quick in learning and understanding concepts and I, on the other hand may be a slow learner requiring a lot of effort just to understand the material being taught. So, at the end of the day the fast learning students get an upper hand in academics.

You see the problem here is that most education systems do not favor slow learners who are not given adequate time and attention for them discover their potential. They are in turn sent home as and excluded which violates their right to education, and even worse degrades their self-confidence making them feel worthless on the surface of the earth. These children become a danger to themselves and others because they may get involved in negative activities under such depression.

In my opinion, everyone has a gift and is capable of greatness. For example, Dr. Ben Carson one of the best physicians in the world was once considered dull in his early years of life but he was able to rise above poverty and all criticism to become who is today.

Remember even Albert Einstein was once considered to be dull by his teachers and even worse, his father died thinking his son would never amount to anything. But Einstein beat the odds and proved everyone wrong as he grew up to become a professor of Physics and one of the greatest scientists of all time.

I will say it again and again ‘dull’ is just word! Everyone has a gift.

So, go and find your passion, nurture it and live your dreams.

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