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Don’t Go Anywhere

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Nafees A. Siddique
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Giving is hard but it’s so beautiful. We usually wait to be able to give something big to others and then it remains a wish forever. Giving does not require huge amount of money, respect or love, it just needs what you have at this very moment and wants you to share whatever you can with anyone you see in need.

If someone needs money, and you know it’s a genuine case, go help him. If someone needs motivation, and you think you are the one who can lift him up, go and share your strength. If you see someone in need of learning new skill, and you are a master of it, go teaching and start making real differences in society. And if you see someone deprived of love and affection, and you think you can make it, just go for it.

Not everyone lives forever but those who live for others surely do.

We all know that our time is limited, life is too short to wait and think twice, do it before anyone else does. Life waits for none, there will soon come the time when you and I will only belong to the past. Then there will be no moments to make, no smiles to spread and no love to share.

Don’t go anywhere, you belong to the present not past nor future.

The past has long gone and the future is not here yet, but you have still got the present moment, make sure you live it fully.

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