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Don’t Blame Women For the Climate Change


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Gender and Climate Change

Gender and Climate Change

I just strangely wonder - struck for a while since reading some information about gender and climate change. The first confusing information I have read is the correlation between gender and climate change. In fact, women contribute to climate change. So, should we blame my mother when the climate is changing? Let’s check below for some references!

We know that the effects of climate change will vary among regions. It means each country changes greenhouse emissions with different levels and percentages. As we know, it occurs due to humankind activities living in each country especially for women and men.

From the above, we can conclude that there is a significant relation between gender and climate change. It is so imperative to analyze if women or men will contribute to climate change. Factually, in developing countries, women form disproportionately large activities which cause the increase of greenhouse emissions. For instance, women in rural areas tend to take everything from local natural resources for their livelihood, because of their responsibility to secure water, food and energy for cooking and heating. So by over exploiting local natural resources, it will be a direct and indirect bringing about environmental degradations, where these degradations will produce GHG emissions and not properly allow the trees of being reservoir for carbon catching.

The proposed solution from the overview of United Nations activities in relation to climate change, Report of the Secretary General (A/62/644) in January 2008, is: “The challenge of climate change is unlikely to be gender-neutral, as it increases the risk to the most vulnerable and less empowered social groups. In the formulation of global and national approaches, as well as in the strategic responses to specific sectors, gender awareness, substantive analysis and inclusive engagement will be necessary.”

Gender awareness should be well concerned because it is a strategic way to tackle climate change. We can’t blame women, especially mother. All people should be responsible and don’t justify who the wrong is…Women and men are responsible for this general problem.

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