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Do souls have gender?

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Kainat ali
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Free source: Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

I was talking to my friend a few days back about gender discrimination and a question popped into my mind- do souls have genders?

I stopped for a moment not knowing what to think. As human beings, how negligent we are about certain things. Everywhere I see there are conflicts going on; if women are better than men and vice versa. Why don’t we take a moment and think that we are all just spirits, we are all energies? Our bodies are just physical appearances. When we have the same spirits and same minds then why are we wasting our time to prove who is better than whom? Neither men are better than women nor women are better than men. It’s a high time that we realize we all have something unique about us.

If we have to blame someone it should be our society, who started these stereotypes. Instead of bashing them we started adopting them. Men or women; we both feel pain, we both die, we both get sick, we both cry. I read somewhere that our bodies are capable of doing almost anything, It’s our mind we have to convince. So if you think men can endure more pain physically, it is only because many of them are told repeatedly that "you can’t cry" because "you can’t feel that way", "you have to be strong" and this teaches many of them how to be emotionally less affected by anything since birth. In the same way, many women are taught since childhood that they are not meant for logical work, should be into creativity and arts, are always going to be dependent on someone and are way too emotional about everything. If men are not supposed to cook then why are there renowned male chefs all over the world? If women are not good at logic then how come Ada Lovelace is considered the first computer programmer?

All we need is a mind shift. The question shouldn’t be why women shouldn’t cook. The question should be why men shouldn’t cook for themselves. Everyone should have their own “why” when it comes to making something significant out of their lives regardless of their gender. Every day we move towards discrimination we bring more destruction. We are not bringing any peace in this world, we are just making more chaos every day, spreading more hatred. All we have to do is change the way we think. Our priority should be saving humanity, people are dying all over the world.

Do you see the number of people dying in Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Syria and all over the world? Humanity is dying with every passing second and we are forgetting that we are not here in this world to decide who is better than whom. We are here to find something bigger than ourselves. We need to focus on teaching our children and our community the difference between wrong and right instead of feeding them with gender discrimination. If we want to end this discrimination, we need to start thinking differently and it should start from us. We can’t keep practicing the same things and expect the world to change.

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